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GB-argan   Argan Gift Box
nsk-01.beautifulday   Beautiful Day morning moisturiser
nsk-04.beeswaxhand   Beeswax and Lavender hand treatment
mb-16.bentonite   bentonite
sb-16.bentonite   bentonite
GB-blackcat   black cat box
GB-glitterkitty   black cat glitter box
box-x12w   Box of 12
box-x18   Box of 18
box-x3w   Box of 18 wholesale, minimum order 3 boxes
box-x6   Box of 6
ss-1a   buy 4 and save (wrapped)
sb-21.calendula   calendula
GB-manbar   Christmas Manbar gift box
sb-OL2   Ewes' Milk with lanolin
sb-O2   Ewes' Milk with Rosemary
ebar-multi   Felting Soap
mini-x24   guest soaps - the complete range!
sh-04.hibiscus   hibiscus shampoo bar
sb-07.honeyrose   honey rose
ebar-2   Laundry Soap
GB-lavendula   Lavendula Gift Box
sb-01b.lavendulagreen   lavendula, green
sb-01a.lavendulanat   lavendula,natural
sb-11.lilyrose   lily rose
mb-15.limewash   limewash
sb-15.limewash   limewash
mb-6andsave   Manbar buy 6 wrapped and save
mini-x54   Maxi box of Mini soaps
mus   muslin face cloth
mus-multi   muslin face cloth
sb-09.nettle   nettle
sb-04.oatmealscrub   oatmeal scrub
sb-02.patchouli   Patchouli
GB-peace   Peace and Love gift box
sb-rh.rhassoul   rhassoul facial bar
sb-03.roseger   rose geranium soap
sb-13.roselavender   rose lavender
mb-14.seaclay   sea clay
sb-14.seaclay   sea clay
mini-x5   set of 5 individual guest soaps
nsk-04.set3special   set of three creams
nsk-05.set2special   set of two creams
mini-x1   single individual guest soap
GB-sleeping   Sleeping
tgb-3   tiny Cat gift box
tgb-3-0001   tiny gift box
tgb-6   tiny gum blossom gift box
tgb-8   tiny pink gum blossom gift box
tgb-1   tiny Victory gift box
fs-01   trial samples
sb-12.verbena   verbena
wedf-01   Wedding favour
nsk-08.whippedshea2   Whipped Shea Butter with Argan Oil
sh-ver-tra.whippedshea3   Whipped Shea Butter with Argan Oil

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